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Water Drops

Nonionic Surfactants

BioLoop Technology

BioLoop 56L (Normal Grade)

The full BioLoop - 100% biobased surfactant

BioLoop 68L (Normal Grade)

The full BioLoop - 100% biobased surfactant

BioLoop 84L (Normal Grade)

The full BioLoop - 100% biobased surfactant

BioLoop 56L-PG (Pure Grade)

The full BioLoop - 100% biobased surfactant

Lansperse BIO868  

100% biobased dispersing agent

Lansperse LT87  

BioLoop with loops and tails

Lansperse BA6

BioLoop with loops tails and anchoring groups


Lansurf APG8

C8-10 alkyl polyglucosides

Lansurf APG12

C10-16 alkyl polyglucosides


Lansperse SL58

Hyperdispersant for reds, yellows and blues

Lansperse SL66

Hyperdispersant for whites (TiO), blacks, yellows and blues

Lansperse UV51

100% dispersing agent for UV cured systems

Lansperse UV93

100% dispersing agent for UV cured systems


C10 Alcohol Ethoxylates

Lansurf AE103

C10 alcohol + 3EO

Lansurf AE105

C10 alcohol + 5EO

Lansurf AE107

C10 alcohol + 7EO

Lansurf AE108W

C10 alcohol + 8EO

Lansurf AE109W

C10 alcohol + 9EO

C12-14 Alcohol Ethoxylates

Lansurf AE244

C12-14 alcohol + 7EO

Lansurf AE247

C12-14 alcohol + 7EO

C13 Alcohol Ethoxylates

Lansurf AE33

C13 alcohol + 3EO

Lansurf AE35

C13 alcohol + 5EO

Lansurf AE36

C13 alcohol + 6EO

Lansurf AE37

C13 alcohol + 7EO

Lansurf AE310W

C13 alcohol + 10EO

Lansurf AE312W

C13 alcohol + 12EO

Lansurf AE315W

C13 alcohol + 15EO

Lansurf AE320W

C13 alcohol + 20EO

C16-18 Alcohol Ethoxylates

Lansurf AE73

C16-18 alcohol + 3EO

Lansurf AE719

C16-18 alcohol + 19EO

Lansurf AE735

C16-18 alcohol + 35EO

Alcohol Ethoxylate Propoxylates

Castor Ethoxylates

Oleic Acid Ethoxylates

Lansurf OA7

Oleic acid + 7EO (PEG300 mono-oleate)

Lansurf OA10

Oleic acid + 10EO (PEG400 mono-oleate)

Lansurf OA14

Oleic acid + 14EO (PEG600 mono-oleate)

EO/PO Block Copolymers

Lansurf DPE201

Diol based EO/PO block copolymer - mwt 2000

Lansurf DPE253

Diol based EO/PO block copolymer - mwt 2500

Sorbitan Esters

Lansurf SMO

Sorbitan mono-oleate

Lansurf SMS

Sorbitan mono-stearate

Lansurf SML

Sorbitan mono-laurate

Lansurf STO

Sorbitan tri-oleate

Sorbitan Ester Ethoxylates

Lansurf SMO80

Sorbitan monooleate + 20EO (Polysorbate 80)

Lansurf SMO81

Sorbitan monooleate + 5EO (Polysorbate 81)

Lansurf SMS60

Sorbitan monostearate + 20EO (Polysorbate 60)

Lansurf STO85

Sorbitan tristearate + 20EO (Polysorbate 85)

Tallowamine Ethoxylates

Lansurf TA15

Tallowamine + 15EO

Lansurf TH30W

Tallowamine + 30

Fatty Acid Alkonamides

Lansurf CDE

Coconut diethanolamide - pure

Lansurf CDE-G

Coconut diethanolamide - glycerol

Phenol Ethoxylate

Lansurf P4

Phenol + 4EO

Amine Oxides

Lansurf CAO

Lauryl amineoxide

Lansurf CAPO

Cocoamidopropyl amine oxide

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