BioLoop 84L

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A BioLoop Surfactant - The next generation of green surfactants

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Introducing a new range of bio-based surfactants containing components that are 100% renewable. Unlike many bio-based surfactants, this product offer excellent surfactant properties and can be used as a green alternative to the conventional synthetic nonionics such as alcohol ethoxylates. Based on soybean oil, which unlike some palm oil is a great sustainable source.

Key Features

  • Based on BioLoop technology

  • 100% renewable

  • No skin or eye irritancy

  • Low ecotoxicity

  • Biodegradable

  • Medium foam

  • Good detergency

  • Great wetting on glass

  • A green alternative to alcohol ethoxylates

  • Palm oil free


Excellent detergency:

• Can be used in hard surface cleaners and general cleaners. In formulations that contain alcohol ethoxylates then use BioLoop 84L as a green alternative. Also the SDS classifications will help ensure negative impact on the hazard classification of the end product.

Excellent wetting on glass:

• Can be used in a new generation of bio-based glass cleaners.

Foaming Profile

Test method

A 0.1% solution is prepared and aerated for 30 seconds and then stopped. The degree of foaming is assessed initially and then after 1, 3 and 5 minutes.


1 minute

3 minutes

5 minutes


When compared to our full range of surfactants would be classed a MEDIUM foam surfactant.

Detergency Profile

Test method

A formulated soil is applied to a painted disc and then aged in an oven. The disc is then soaked in a detergent solution for 10 minutes and then rotated for a further 5 minutes. The % soil removal is then measured.



The % soil removal indicates that BioLoop 84L has a HIGH detergency ranking.

Substrate Wetting

Test method

A 0.5% solution is prepared and is dropped onto various substrates. The contact angle is then measured using a goniometer. The angle is measured initially and then after 5 seconds. The lower the angle the better the product wets the substrate.


Water after 5 seconds


BioLoop 84L 5 seconds

Application Examples

Glass cleaner:

Bioloop 84L has fantastic wetting characteristics on glass: see our recommendation


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