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Household & Industrial Cleaning

The use of the new BioLoop Surfactants: 

a credible alternative to synthetic nonionics

Household and Industrial cleaning formulations with good detergency and cleaning properties.

In both Household and Industrial applications it is essential that products have good detergency. Foaming characteristics may change depending on whether the formulator required high, medium or low foam.

Hand Cleaning

Liquid hand soaps provide an economical and effective method of keeping your hands hygienically clean without the mess associated with a bar of traditional soap. We offer a range of anionic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactants that you can use in formulations for a wide variety of hand soaps.

Liquid Hand Soap.jpg

Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom cleaners are produced in a range of formulations depending on the use, bath and tile cleaners, mould stain removers, limescale/rust removers, alkaline general purpose cleaners, these products are commonly formulated as ready to use sprays. We offer a series of nonionic surfactants ideal for the use in formulations of a wide range of bathroom cleaners.

Bathroom Tiles.jpg

General Purpose & Hard Surface Cleaners

Household general purpose and hard surface cleaners are produced in a range of formulations depending on the use, concentrates for dilution, alkaline concentrates for greasy/heavily solid surfaces, ready to use sprays in both moderate and high foaming systems for foam applicators.

Hard Surface Cleaner.jpg

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaning products are used to clean a wide variety of glass surfaces such as windows, doors, mirrors. We manufacture a range of conventional surfactants that are ideal to use in the formulations of general glass cleaners along with our BioLoop surfactants with new chemistries and the latest technologies which are available to formulators that require green chemistry.


Carpet Cleaners

When cleaning a carpet using mechanical cleaning methods, good detergency and foam control is essential. Too much foam generation will restrict liquid flow through the nozzle. Lankem can provide details for both conventional synthetic systems as well as the new BioLoop surfactants that help to offer better ecological profiling.

Carpet Cleaner.jpg

Machine Dishwasher​

To have an option of using a liquid detergent that is bio-based is very attractive to the formulator of dishwash formulators. Not only is BioLoop 56L bio-based but it also has no hazards; and therefore no negative corrosive and warning labels will be passed onto the final product. The main criteria for dishwash detergents is good detergency that aids the removal of the food and oils from the plate, but also the system needs to be low foam.

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