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The Chemical Industry
Fantasy Football League

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Manager of the month*
£100 Amazon Gift Card
Overall Winners*
1st - £500 Amazon Gift Card
Runner-up - £250 Amazon Gift Card
League Cup Winner*
£350 Amazon Gift Card

*For international players the exchange rate for Dollars/Euros will be at the exchange rate on the

5th August 2022.

The Winners 2020/21

1st Place


Manager: Matt Salter

Total Points: 2501

2nd Place

Team: Giovanni Fags

Manager: Wayne Cotter

Total Points: 2496

3rd Place

Team: CastleStreetCasuals

Manager: Wilfred Worsley

Total Points: 2490

Manager of the Month


Team: CastleStreetCasuals

Manager: Wilfred Worsley


Team: Mauling Maguire

Manager: Andrew Richards


Team: Showmrock Rovers

Manager: Ben Showell


Team: RamizpotpreckaDSDMDP

Manager: Faris Sitnić


Team: Oi Sintaksiouxoi

Manager: Alex Arapitsas


Team: Hoxen's Squad

Manager: Abir Hoxen


Team: GranikXhaka

Manager: Nikhill Mishra


Team: Feed The Camel

Manager: Richard Brown


Team: Darby County
Manager: Jim Darby

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Terms & Conditions - Important


1. To win a prize you will need to confirm that you work in the Chemical Industry.

2. Only one team per person is allowed.

3. Final decision in awarding prizes will rest with the management at Lankem.

4. In the event of a tie for manager of the month the prize will be shared out equally amongst the winners.

5. In the event of a tie for the end of season prizes, the final winner will be decided based on the least amount of goals conceded. If it’s still a tie, then the team with the greatest number of goals scored will then be the winner.

6. Upon awarding the prizes at the end of the season, the type of prizes awarded will be based on the same types advertised at the same monetary value when the competition started.

7. The final day to register your team in the league is the Friday 5th August 2022.

8. For any members located outside the UK, prizes may be adjusted based upon the country of residence but will be based on the same monetary value (exchange rates on the 5th August 2022 will apply).

9. You must be a subscribed member and listed in the Chemical Industry League to have a chance to win the prizes.

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