Chemical Industry Fantasy Football League 

Now closed for new entries...

Best of luck to everyone !


Manager of the month *

£100 Amazon Gift Card


Overall Winners *

1st - £600 Amazon Gift Card

2nd - £350 Amazon Gift Card

3rd - £250 Amazon Gift Card

* For international players the exchange rate for Dollars/Euros will be at the exchange rate on the 12th September 2020.

The Winners 2019/20

1st Place

Team: Jessecco

Manager: Jessica Wieland

Total Points: 2847

2nd Place

Team: Chicago Soccer Corp

Manager: Howard Bellerby

Total Points: 2379

3rd Place

Team: Eleven Stars FC

Manager: Ricky Hurst

Total Points: 2338

Manager of the Month


Team: No Totti No Party

Manager: Michael Edson


Team: Pukki Blinders

Manager: Danny Harwood


Team: Pele Lakers

Manager: Stephen Robinson


Team: Philly10

Manager: Phillip Foster


Team: CGFC

Manager: Carl Gingell


Team: Jessecco

Manager: Jessica Wieland


Team: Fee Fi Phil Foden
Manager: George Gavin


Team: Callum Fry

Manager: Delph and Safety


Team: Harboro Hackers v2
Manager: John Taylor

Previous Seasons

2018/19 Season

1st - Shaw Mee the Mané

2nd - MurderOnZidanesFloor

3rd - Steady as we Go

2017/18 Season

1st - Ivan4eg

2nd - Feed the Camel

3rd - The Tricksters

2016/17 Season

1st - Real Sosobad

2nd - Healthy ParrrRotts

3rd - 'ere we go again

Terms & Conditions - Important


1. To win a prize you will need to confirm that you work in the Chemical Industry.

2. Only one team per person is allowed.

3. Final decision in awarding prizes will rest with the management at Lankem.

4. In the event of a tie for manager of the month the prize will be shared out equally amongst the winners.

5. In the event of a tie for the end of season prizes, the final winner will be decided based on the least amount of goals conceded. If it’s still a tie, then the team with the greatest number of goals scored will then be the winner.

6. Upon awarding the prizes at the end of the season, the type of prizes awarded will be based on the same types advertised at the same monetary value when the competition started.

7. The final day to register your team in the league is the Saturday 12th September 2020.

8. For any members located outside the UK, prizes may be adjusted based upon the country of residence but will be based on the same monetary value (exchange rates on the 12th September 2020 will apply).

9. You must be a subscribed member and listed in the Chemical Industry League to have a chance to win the prizes.