BioLoop Surfactants

The next generation of green surfactants

For many years we have been exploring the concept of engineering new surfactants using novel bio-based technologies. Sustainable products from renewable sources have been around for many years but the majority have very limited functionality in terms of performance compared to synthetic counter-types. Our remit was to develop a range of bio-based products that offer comparable performance against the synthetic products across a wide range of applications.

The new range of BioLoop surfactants have been designed to offer the formulator a wide range of options based on selection of products that range from hydrophobic to more hydrophilic types.


These products can be used in many applications and perform against standard synthetic nonionics such as commonly used alcohol ethoxylates. If you want to explore a totally new chemistry then the BioLoop surfactants are an exciting new range of products.


The full BioLoop - 100% bio-based surfactant

BioLoop that has both loop and tails

BioLoop T65