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BioLoop 68L

Product Category: BioLoops

A BioLoop Surfactant - The next generation of green surfactants

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Introducing a new range of bio-based surfactants containing components that are 100% renewable. This product is based on a hydrophilic loop reacted onto a vegetable oil hydrophobe, and being palm oil free has a good sustainability profile. Unlike many bio-based surfactants, this product offers excellent surfactant properties and can be used as a green alternative to the conventional synthetic nonionics, such as alcohol ethoxylate.

PG (Pure Grade) v Normal Grade

The normal grade of BioLoop surfactants are aimed at standard industrial-based processes in which clarity in an aqueous medium isn’t a necessity. The PG versions which denotes our purified grades are for industries in which clarity in aqueous mediums is essential.

PG Version

Typical Applications

Normal Grade

Oils and Lubricants

Emulsion Polymers

Agrochemical additives

Textiles auxiliaries

Hand and floor wipes


Good detergency:

• Hard Surface cleaners and general cleaners. In formulations that contain alcohol ethoxylates then use BioLoop 68L as a green alternative. Also, the SDS classifications will help ensure no hazard classifications.

Excellent substrate wetting on Nylon 6, Nylon 66 and Polycarbonates:

• Can be used in textile applications that contain Nylon.

Key Features

  • Based on BioLoop technology

  • 100% renewable

  • No skin or eye irritancy

  • No ecotoxicity

  • Biodegradable

  • Medium - High foam

  • Good detergency

  • A green alternative to alcohol ethoxylates



Amber liquid

Solids content

78 - 82


5 max - gardner

pH (5% aqueous)

6.0 - 8.0

Cloud point 1% aqueous

64 - 72

Typical Properties


BioLoop Surfactant

Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Flash point closed cup °C




Specific gravity at 20°C


Surface tension 0.1% (mN/m)


HLB value


Pour point °C


Foaming Profile

Test method


A 0.1% solution is prepared and aerated for 30 seconds and then stopped. The degree of foaming is assessed initially and then after 1, 3 and 5 minutes.


BioLoop 64L - Initial.jpg

1 minute

BioLoop 64L - 1 min.jpg

3 minutes

BioLoop 64L -  3 min.jpg

5 minutes

BioLoop 64L - 5 min.jpg


When compared to our full range of surfactants would be classed a MEDIUM foam surfactant.

Detergency Profile

Test method

A formulated soil is applied to a painted disc and then aged in an oven. The disc is then soaked in a detergent solution for 10 minutes and then rotated for a further 5 minutes. The % soil removal is then measured.



No Detergent

BioLoop 68L

Blank 1.JPG

20.1% removal


Bioloop 68L-1.JPG

77% removal

Substrate Wetting

Test method

A 0.5% solution is prepared and is dropped onto various substrates. The contact angle is then measured using a goniometer. The angle is measured initially and then after 5 seconds. The lower the angle the better the product wets the substrate.

Bioloop 68L - 5 secs.jpg

BioLoop 68L after 5 seconds

Deionised Water - 5 Secs.jpg

Water after 5 seconds

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