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About Us

 Green Chemistry Is Our Focus

Lankem founded in 1999 is a rapidly expanding business supplying surfactant products to

industrial markets such as coatings, emulsion polymerisation, agrochemicals, textiles,

oils and lubricants and industrial cleaning.


In recent years we have shifted  our focus on the development of novel bio-based surfactants and have introduced the new BioLoop surfactants.


Our primary business focus is surfactant technology in which we provide true expertise and advice to the formulator.

With an on-site laboratory facility and production lines, we are able to offer both conventional and unique surfactant products.

BioLoop Surfactants.jpg

Expertise in surfactant technology...

We pride ourselves on being able to provide true expertise and assistance to help the formulator develop new products and technologies. We have a dedicated laboratory facility aimed at analysing and matching products, and we also provide technical support to assist customer queries. We see technical support as key to the growth of the business, and as a company, we continually develop new products to meet customer demands.

Our chemistries...

Surfactants contain both a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic section, and as a combination of these two different characteristics within the molecule, many different properties can be achieved. We have products that produce high or low foam. Some products offer excellent detergency and are used in cleaning formulations. We have surfactants that offer good emulsification of oils and monomers, in the case of emulsion polymerisation. We have some products that offer excellent wetting power and some that offer both wetting and dispersing properties. Products are available for each of the surfactant types, anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric.


Bespoke products...

We offer a service to provide the customer with products that can be labelled in neutral markings. These products can either be re-brands or customer-specific formulations. The packaged material will range from 25kg, 200kg, 1000kg IBC and bulk tanker.

Global player...

We ship products to all global regions and are continually developing new supply networks within

all countries and regions.


Quality and the Environment...

We view both quality and environmental compliance as essential components of the business. As expected we are a quality assured company with compliance in accordance with ISO9001 and with an excellent environmental profile, we have been certified to ISO14001. As a member of the Responsible Care programme, we are committed to managing the business both ethically and responsibly. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is certified to the ISO 45001 standard.

Trading Terms

Our standard terms and conditions of purchase can be viewed at "terms and conditions of purchase".


Lankem Ltd standard terms and condition of sales can be viewed at "terms and conditions of sale".

Lankem Ireland standard terms and condition of sales can be viewed at "terms and conditions of sale".

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