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Lansperse BIO868

Product Category: Coatings Additives

BioLoop Dispersing Agent for Aqueous Systems

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Introducing a new range of powerful dispersing agents containing components that have a renewable carbon index > 98%. Unlike many biobased surfactants, these products offer excellent wetting and dispersing properties for a wide range of inorganic and organic pigment types. Lansperse BIO868 will be very much of interest to formulators that require good sustainability profiling along with excellent performance. 

Key Features

  • Based on BioLoop technology

  • Renewable carbon index > 98%

  • Powerful dispersing properties

  • No flocculation

  • VOC free

  • Fast particle size reduction

  • Biodegradeable

  • Low ecotoxicity

  • No irritancy


Appearance at 25°C

Light amber liquid

Solids content

74 - 76

Colour gardner

5 max

pH (5% aqueous)

5.0 - 8.0

Cloud point (1% aqueous) °C

80 - 88

Typical Properties


BioLoop surfactant

Specific gravity at 20°C 


Surface tension 0.1% (mN/m)




Pour point °C


Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Flash point closed cup °C


Application examples

Titanium Dioxide Dispersions

Titanium dioxide dispersions and slurries are notoriously difficult to produce at high solids concentrations due to the high density of the TiO₂. This high density causes destabilisation and eventually separation at the top of the dispersion. Lansperse BIO868 helps to stabilise high active dispersions by maintaining good rheology control, but with light agitation the rheology drops immediately to help in the handling and processing within the end application. This property is noticeable for high solids loading between 60 - 70%, at lower solids levels the dispersion is a nice free-flowing liquid.

Applications - TiO₂ dispersions

  • Decorative paints

  • Inkjet

  • Paper

  • Industrial paints

  • Coil coatings

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