Lansurf CO12

Product Category: Nonionics

Castor + 12EO

Lansurf CO12 is a nonionic surfactant produced from the ethoxylation of castor oil. This product offers good emulsification, wetting, detergency and lubricity. This product also has the advantage of being of low toxicity and has good food contact approval.


Lansurf CO12 possesses considerable lubricity in solution and may be used in metal forming applications as a plastic mould release agent and is also used as a general emulsifier for oils.


Typically this product finds application in:

Textile auxiliaries


Agrochemicals (co-emulsifier with anionics)


Areas where good emulsification is required

Wetting draves 0.5g/l


# method 5g in 45g (25% BDG solution)