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Lansperse LT87

Product Category: Coatings Additives

BioLoop Dispersing Agent for Aqueous Systems

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Dispersing agents are used extensively in the coatings industry to help disperse solid particles into a liquid medium.

Dispersing agents perform by the anchoring of the surfactant onto the particle substrate and then acting as a barrier to stop re-agglomeration of the particles. This concept is often referred to as steric stabilisation. Our products have been developed using a natural backbone which contains anchoring groups. What makes them unique is the introduction of a hydrophilic loop that not only has an affinity for water and polar solvents but also provides both steric hindrance and stability. Also, to help boost the hydrophilic nature within the spacing between the particles Lansperse LT87 contains both loops and tails. This helps to give further improvements in stability and flocculation reduction.

Key Features

  • Based on the BioLoop technology

  • Powerful dispersing properties

  • Low flocculation

  • VOC free

  • Fast particle size reduction

  • Good ecotoxicity

  • No skin or eye irritancy


Dispersing agents for:

  • Organic Pigments


Appearance at 25°C

Amber liquid

Solids content %

78.0 - 82.0

Colour gardner

7 max

Saponification value mg.KOH/g


Typical Properties


BioLoop dispersant with tails

Specific gravity at 20°C 




Pour point °C


Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Flash point closed cup °C


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