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Lansperse UV51

Product Category: Coatings Additives

Hyperdispersant - UV and LED Cured Systems

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Dispersing agents are used extensively in the coatings industry to help disperse solid particles into a liquid medium.

Dispersing agents perform by the anchoring of the surfactant onto the particle substrate and then acting as a barrier to stop re-agglomeration of the particles. This concept is often referred to as steric stabilisation. The new hyperdispersant has three functions:

  • A powerful amine anchoring group that latches onto the pigment substrate

  • A tail section that floats within the solvent medium

  • A capping group that further enhances steric hindrance between pigment particles. Lansperse UV51 has been specifically designed to offer optimum performance in monomer systems commonly used in UV formulations.

Key Factors

  • Based on NEW technology

  • Capping groups designed for monomer systems

  • Powerful dispersing properties

  • Enhanced steric hindrance

  • Good colour strength

  • Low flocculation

  • VOC free

  • Fast particle size reduction


Appearance at 25°C

Dark brown viscous liquid

Colour gardner

15 max

Solid content %


Typical Properties


Complex hyperdispersant

Specific gravity at 50°C 




Pour point °C


Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Flash point closed cup °C


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