Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids must effectively provide several characteristics that are essential for a successful drilling operation including, carrying cuttings to the surface, preventing drill-bit clogging, providing lubrication, inhibiting formation damage and optimum fluid weighting. Providing these key characteristics across the range of oil and water-based drilling fluids requires a broad range of properties including, emulsification, foaming, defoaming, wetting, dispersion and lubrication.


The drilling fluid components offered by Lankem can be used to formulate oil or water-soluble systems which can be effective at providing protection of wells and water handling systems. These products are based on phosphate esters, imidazolines, alkanolamides.

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Kemsurf CA

Lanphos PE35

Lansurf AE35

Lansurf CDE

Lansurf CDE-G

Lansurf CO12

Lansurf CO40

Lansurf SMO

Lansurf STO

Lansurf SMO80

Lansurf SMO81

Lansurf STO85