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Kemsurf CA

Product Category: Anionics

Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate (Calcium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate)

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Kemsurf CA is a calcium salt of a biodegradable dodecylbenzene sulphonic acid. The base acid for Kemsurf CA is manufactured by SO3 sulphonation to produce a product of good colour and low inorganic content.

Kemsurf CA is a hydrophobic anionic surfactant and functions as an emulsifier for oils and aromatic solvents in the formulation of degreasers. It finds many applications, however, as an emulsifier for pesticide and herbicide systems, especially were spray application is involved.

Kemsurf CA may also be used in the emulsification of waxes and hydrocarbon solvents. This product has good compatibility with other anionics and nonionic surfactants and maintains good stability, detergency, foaming power and soil suspension in alkaline,
mild acid, low electrolyte and in hard or soft water.


  • Emulsifier in agrochemical emulsifiable concentrates

  • Emulsifier for degreasers

  • Wetting agent for oil based drilling fluids

  • Dispersant for polyester yarn dyeing


Appearance at 25°C

Clear viscous amber liquid free from foreign matter

Water content %

1 max

SAM % (equivalent weight 349)

68.0 - 72.0

pH (1% in 25:75 methanol:water)

5.0 - 8.0

Typical Properties


Calcium dodecyl benzene sulphonate



Solubility in water




Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Pour point °C


CAS number

26264-06-6; 84989-14-0; 90194-26-6

Specific gravity at 20°C


Flash point open cup °C


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