Kemsurf ESD

Product Category : Anionics

Sodium Laureth-3 Sulphate (Sodium Laureth-3 Sulfate)

Synonym: Sodium lauryl ether sulphate


Manufactured using a natural C12-14 alcohol + 3EO which is sulphated and then neutralised to form a sodium salt. 



  • Excellent detergent


Does not show a loss of detergency in brine or hard water. 

  • Solubility


The good solubility characteristics make them especially useful for use in alkaline  liquid formulations

  • Excellent foaming agent

  • Salt Thickening 

Show a pronounced thickening with the addition of sodium chloride to a dilute solution.

  • Compatibility with aqueous ions


Stable to hard water and has excellent lime soap dispersing properties, due to the calcium salt being soluble.

  • Chemical and temperature stability

Prone to hydrolysis in aqueous solution at acid pH and high temperatures (not suitable for use above 50°C)



Household products

  • Kemsurf ESD is used as a foam stabiliser and detergent in dish-washing liquids.

  • A major component of low temperature or low phosphate-content heavy-duty fabric laundry liquids and powders.

  • Carpet shampoos

  • Hard surface cleaners

Oil field chemicals 

Used as foaming agents in foam drilling where tolerance to salt and hard water is important.

Gypsum board production

Foaming agent with tolerance to high concentrations of calcium ions.

Emulsion Polymerisation

  • Wetting draves 0.5g/l


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