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Kemsurf ESD

Product Category: Anionics

Sodium Laureth-3 Sulphate (Sodium Laureth-3 Sulfate)

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Synonym: Sodium lauryl ether sulphate


Manufactured using a natural C12-14 alcohol + 3EO which is sulphated and then neutralised to form a sodium salt. 



  • Excellent detergent - Does not show a loss of detergency in brine or hard water.

  • Solubility - The good solubility characteristics make them especially useful for use in alkaline  liquid formulations.

  • Excellent foaming agent

  • Salt thickening - Show a pronounced thickening with the addition of sodium chloride to a dilute solution.

  • Compatibility with aqueous ions - Stable to hard water and has excellent lime soap dispersing properties, due to the calcium salt being soluble.

  • Chemical and temperature stability - Prone to hydrolysis in aqueous solution at acid pH and high temperatures (not suitable for use above 50°C).



  • Household products - Kemsurf ESD is used as a foam stabiliser and detergent in dish-washing liquids.

A major component of low temperature or low phosphate-content heavy-duty fabric laundry liquids and powders.

Carpet shampoos

Hard surface cleaners

  • Oilfield chemicals - ​Used as foaming agents in foam drilling where tolerance to salt and hard water is important.

  • Gypsum board production - ​Foaming agent with tolerance to high concentrations of calcium ions.

  • Emulsion Polymerisation

Wetting draves 0.5g/l



Appearance at 25°C

Pale yellow liquid

SAM % (equivalent weight 296)

26.0 - 28.0

pH (10% aqueous)

7.0 - 9.0

Typical Properties

CAS number


Viscosity at 25°C (cP)



Readily biodegradable



pH (5% aqueous)

7.0 - 9.0

Activity %



Sodium Laureth-3 Sulfate

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