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Lanspec OF32

Product Category: Anionics

Alky Ether Sulfate Sodium Salt

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Lanspec OF32 is a sodium neutralised alkyl ether sulphate and finds application where high foaming, characteristcs are required, particularly in the presence of highy levels of electrolyte and polyvalent metal ions. Lanspec OF32 has good stability in the presence of
alkaline solutions at moderate temperatures, but will hydrolyse in acidic solutions. Lanspec OF32 finds applications in a range industries due to it’s key properties which include:

Key Properties:

  • High foaming surfactant

  • Effective foaming agent for electrolyte solutions e.g. brine, seawater

  • High foaming in the presence of polyvalent ions e.g. calcium magnesium

  • Good foam stability in the presence of hydrocarbons


  • General purpose foaming agent

  • Oilfield foam drilling

  • Gas well deliquification


Appearance at 25°C

Pale yellow liquid

SAM % (equivalent weight 372)

32.0 - 33.0

pH (10% aqueous)

6.5 - 8.0

Typical Properties


Alkyl ether sulfate sodium salt

Activity % 


Specific gravity at 20°C


pH (10% aqueous)

6.5 - 8.0

Solubility in water at 20°C


Viscosity at 20°C (centistokes)


Pour point °C




Flash point °C - closed cup


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