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Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion is an important issue within the oil and gas industry, with a major implication in terms of cost and safety. Corrosion affects most stages of a well's lifecycle, from drilling to stimulation through to production. Corrosion is complex due to the many diverse variables that can affect its development, requiring a wide range of treatment chemistries to effectively keep it under control to ensure the avoidance of costly downtime and production loss.


The corrosion inhibitors components offered by Lankem can be used to formulate oil or water-soluble systems which can be effective at providing protection of wells and water handling systems. The following is a selection of the products that find application as components in production or oilfield corrosion inhibitors:

Oilfield Main Image 2.jpg
  • Lanspec OC100 and Lanspec OC200 are 1:1 and 2:1 tall oil fatty acid imidazoline corrosion inhibitors most commonly used in the formulation of oil soluble corrosion inhibition products.


  • Lanphos PE35, Lanphos PE36 and Lanphos PE310 phosphate esters are effective components in the formulation of both water and oil soluble corrosion inhibition products, providing a protection against corrosion in combination with emulsification and dispersion properties.

  • Lansurf TA15 can be an effective component in the formulation of corrosion inhibitors being effect in systems containing hydrochloric acid.

  • BioLoop 56L, BioLoop 68L and BioLoop 84L provide the wetting, emulsification dispersancy required in the formulation of corrosion inhibition products in combination with an excellent ecotoxicity profile making them particularly useful in environmentally sensitive applications.

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