Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion is an important issue within the oil and gas industry, with a major implication in terms of cost and safety. Corrosion affects most stages of a well's lifecycle, from drilling to stimulation through to production. Corrosion is complex due to the many diverse variables that can affect its development, requiring a wide range of treatment chemistries to effectively keep it under control to ensure the avoidance of costly downtime and production loss.


The corrosion inhibitors components offered by Lankem can be used to formulate oil or water-soluble systems which can be effective at providing protection of wells and water handling systems. These products are based on phosphate esters, imidazolines, alkanolamides, and fatty acid esters.

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Amphokem CAB

Amphokem CAPB

Lanphos PA8

Lanphos PE35

Lanphos PE310

Lansurf CDE

Lansurf CDE-G

Lansurf TA15

Lansurf SMO

Lansurf STO

Lansurf STO85

Lansurf SMO80

Lansurf SMO81