Lanphos PE36

Product Category: Anionics

C13 Ethoxy Phosphate Ester - Free Acid

Lanphos PE36 is a powerful emulsifier that can be used across a wide range of polymer systems and more importantly is used as a primary emulsifier without the need for a secondary surfactant to stabilise the system. As a versatile emulsifier, this is the first choice for any formulator. As well as providing extremely small particle sizes it has an in-built stabiliser system to prevent re-agglomeration of polymer particles. Lanphos PE36 is supplied in the free acid form and is typically neutralised before use to produce the salt of choice for individual applications.


  • Textiles as a lubrication aid and/or emulsifier

  • Leather

  • Household

  • I & I

  • Metal working cutting fluids - especially when neutralised with TEA

  • Agrochemicals

  • Emulsion polymerisation and resin emulsification


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