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Emulsifiable Concentrates

Emulsion concentrates (EC) formulations rely on effective emulsifiers to produce spontaneous stable emulsions providing rapid and uniformed dispersion in the spray tank. Lankem offers a broad range of single emulsifiers for use in the formulation of EC’s plus a range of mixed pair emulsifiers that greatly reduce the complexity of producing an effective emulsifier system.

Balanced Pair Emulsifiers

Balanced Pair emulsifiers are specially developed formulated systems that give the chemist the correct anionic - nonionic emulsifier balance for emulsifiable concentrates.

Agrosurf BPE148

Anionic / Nonionic Emulsifier

Agrosurf BPE211

Anionic / Nonionic Blend

Agrosurf BPE148-EH

Anionic / Nonionic Emulsifier

Agrosurf BPE211-EH

Anionic / Nonionic Blend

Anionic Emulsifiers

Kemsurf CA

Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

Kemsurf PWS

Isopropylamine Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

Nonionic Emulsifiers

Agrosurf NEC15T

Poly Aryl Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC32

Alcohol Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC38

Alcohol Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC12

Castor Oil Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC40

Castor Oil Ethoxylate


Agrosurf GF

Epoxidised Soyabean Oil


Agrosurf COS4 - Aromatic Ethoxylate

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