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Product Category: Anionics

Isopropylamine Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate (Isopropylamine dodecylbenzenesulfonate)

Based on a linear high 2-phenyl based alkylate.


Isopropylamine salts have better solubility in hydrocarbon solvents compared to sodium salts.


Water: Dispersible

Ethanol: Soluble

Mineral Oil: Soluble

White Spirit: Soluble

Aromatic Solvents: Soluble 

Wetting draves 0.5g/l: Classed as medium to high

Foaming Characteristics - Scale based on the most powerful foaming agent on our range



  • Added to fuel oil to solubilise traces of water

  • Emulsifier and detergent for solvent based paint brush cleaners

  • Latex emulsifier

  • Wetting and detergent agent for oil based systems

  • Used in dry cleaning applications

  • Coupling agent for water within charge detergent systems

  • Metal cleaning applications

  • Acid aluminium cleaners

  • Effective dispersant for paraffin wax deposit build-up in crude oil pipelines


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