Agrosurf COS4

Product Category : Agrochemicals


Agrosurf COS4 is a speciality co-solvent for application in the formulation of pesticides. This product is used in a wide variety of Agrochemical formulations where it can enhance the toxicant solubility and also improve emulsification by acting as both solvent and penetrant.


Agrosurf COS4 can either be used alone or in combination with other hydrocarbon solvents to help increase the toxicant loading. Also when incorporated into either oil or water based suspension concentrates, it can also act as a flow promoter to help the processing.



As Agrosurf COS4 has a relatively high specific gravity this promotes emulsion stability by reducing creaming or sedimentation. Agrosurf COS4 also has the additional benefits of high flash point, high boiling point and low volatility.