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Agrosurf BPE148-EH

Product Category: Agrochemicals

Balanced Pair Emulsifiers

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Agrosurf BPE148-EH is a powerful balanced pair emulsifier used in conjunction with Agrosurf BPE211-EH. Once the correct ratios are established these two emulsifiers can be used for a wide range of emulsifiable concentrates across many different pesticide types.

Key Features

• High flash point - does not contain isobutanol

• Superior emulsification properties with long stability

• Can be used in Solvesso 100 and Solvesso 150


Appearance at 25°C

Amber liquid

Colour - gardner

5 max

pH % aqueous

5.0 - 8.0

Anionic surface active matter %

45 - 50

Typical Properties


Anionic/nonionic emulsifier 

Density at 25°C


Flash point °C


Viscosity centipoise at 25°C



Used in combination with Agrosurf BPE211-EH as the high flash point emulsifiers. These products are used primary in emulsificable concentrates.


Cypermethrin EC30 %

Deltametherin EC2.5%

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