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Demulsifiers Components

Demulsifying is a complex application within the oilfield chemical industry, facilitating the economical removal of water from crude oil and the clarification of produced water before discharge. Demulsifiers system components are based on a wide range of chemistries, including polyols, sulfonates and specially designed molecules.


The demulsifier components offered by Lankem can be used in the development of effective demulsifier systems, the following is a selection of the products that find application as components in production or oilfield demulsifiers:

Oilfield Main Image 2.jpg
  • Lansurf DPE201 and Lansurf DPE253 EO/PO copolymers are effective emulsion breakers that can be used in a range of oilfield and fuel applications.


  • Kemsurf OT60 and Kemsrf OT70-G sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinates can be used in a range of demulsification applications but are particularly useful in water clarification applications.


  • BioLoop 56L, BioLoop 68L and BioLoop 84L have not been extensively evaluate as demulsifiers however, their chemical structure in combination with an excellent ecotoxicity profile making them worthy of evaluation particularly useful in environmentally sensitive applications.

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