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Wellbore, Cuttings and Rig Cleaners

Cleaning is an important process in a wide range of oilfield operations, these include rig cleaners, tank cleaners, cutting cleaners and wellbore cleaners. Effective wetting emulsification and penetration of oil-based contaminants such as drilling fluids are essential to facilitate the effective removal, there is a need for additives such as hydrotropes and solvents to ensure optimum formulation stability and performance.


The cleaning components offered by Lankem can be used alone or in combination to develop effective cleaning solutions for a broad range of applications. These products are based on alkyl benzene sulfonates, alpha olefin sulfonates and alkyl ether sulfates, phosphate esters and ethoxylated materials, alkanolamides and a range of fully formulated cleaning products.

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  • BioLoop 56L, BioLoop 68L and BioLoop 84L provide the wetting, emulsification dispersancy required in oilfield cleaning applications in combination with an excellent ecotoxicity profile making them particularly useful in environmentally sensitive applications. 

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