Foaming Agent Boosters

Foaming is an important characteristic for a range of oilfield processes, with the need for effective foam stability over a wide range of temperatures and water compositions. Foaming agent selection is critical to ensure stable foam formation in solutions containing a high level of electrolyte including divalent metals, acid and basic solutions and over a broad range of temperatures.

The agents offered by Lankem can be used to provide high-quality foams for a wide range of water compositions and at a wide range of temperatures. These products are based on alkanolamides, ether sulfates, amidopropyl betaines and alkyl betaines.

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Amphokem CAB

Amphokem CAPB

Amphokem DCA


Kemsurf ASC

Kemsurf DSA

Kemsurf ESD

Kemsurf EM9

Kemsurf OS38

Lansurf CAO

Lansurf CAPO

Lansurf CDE

Lansurf CDE-G

Lanspec OF32

Lanspec OF56

Lanspec OF65

Lanspec OC100

Lanspec OC200