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Microemulsions (ME) formulations rely on effective emulsifier to produce stable microemulsions, which are stable over a broad range of temperatures. Lankem offers a range of anionic and nonionic emulsifiers that are highly effective in the formulation of ME systems.


Kemsurf CA

Calcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

Kemsurf PWS

Isopropylamine Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate

Lanwet JH1

Anionic Wetting Agent

Agrosurf NEC15T

Poly Aryl Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC12

Castor Oil Ethoxylate

Agrosurf NEC40

Castor Oil Ethoxylate

Agrosurf COS4

Aromatic Ethoxylate

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