Silicone Emulsions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Dimethicone Emulsifiers

Lanspec SI20 and Lanspec SI30 are emulsifiers for Poly(dimethylsiloxane) PDMS (INCI name: dimethicone), the simplest and most widely used form of silicone.

These emulsifiers produce highly stable and effective emulsions that can be used in applications such as lubricants, releasing agents and defoamers for the paper, plastic and rubber industry. Due to the low surface tension and the low solubility of PDMS only small quantities of silicone are required to produce a strong defoaming effect making a diluted emulsion easier to handle. The flow characteristics of an PDMS emulsion compare to the raw material are improved ensuring that the PDMS evenly spreads across surfaces, such as those where foam would occur, so that foam can be rapidly broken down.

Typical formulations:


Mix the emulsifier and carrier using a high-speed mixer and slowly add the emulsified component to produce a macro emulsion.

Featured Products: Lanspec SI20, Lanspec SI30

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