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Lanphos PE74 - A Multifunctional Extreme Pressure Additive for Metalworking Fluids

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Extreme pressure (EP) additives are used to eliminate the detrimental effect of ‘dry’ friction caused by the pressure generated between two contacting surfaces, which if not used will result in the lubricating fluids being squeezed out. EP additives prevent destructive metal-to-metal contact at high temperature and pressure conditions, such as those found in certain metalworking processes. EP additives function by chemically reacting with the metal surfaces to form an oil-insoluble surface film, that remains under high pressures. They contain reactive elements including phosphorous, chlorine and sulfur in the form of phosphate esters, chlorinated paraffins and sulfurised oils. Of these product groups phosphate esters are of particular interest due to their multifunctional properties.

Phosphate esters are highly effective multifunctional additives. In addition to providing extreme pressure protection, they are also highly effective emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. Lanphos PE74 has been developed to provide optimum characteristics for the formulation of soluble oil and semi-synthetic metal working fluids.

  • Extreme Pressure - When added at typical levels of between 3 -10% to metalworking fluids (based on both mineral and vegetable oils), Lanphos PE74 provides a high level of extreme pressure protection.

  • Emulsification - The composition of the alkyl ether portion of Lanphos PE74 has been optimised to provide the required HLB, when neutralised with typical metalworking amino alcohols. This gives excellent performance in the emulsification of mineral and vegetable oils when used alone or in combination with other emulsifiers, such as petroleum sulfonates alcohol alkoxylates etc.

  • Foaming Characteristic - Lanphos PE74 exhibits low foam characteristics which is an important factor in helping to prevent foam build up.

  • Corrosion Inhibition - When neutralised with typical metalworking amino alcohols, Lanphos PE74 is an effective metalworking corrosion inhibitor. At higher usage levels it can on its own provide full protection in the cast iron chip method DIN51360/2. However, at lower usage levels, Lanphos PE74 will work in combination with other corrosion inhibitors such as petroleum sulfonates, fatty acid amides, carboxylic acid amino alcohol salts.

Featured Product: Lanphos PE74

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