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A Performance Enhancer for Detergent Systems

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Lansurf P4 is a low molecular weight alkoxylated product that finds application in a broad range of applications. This product has good solvency and hydrotropic properties. Lansurf P4 is highly effective at increasing the active content of aqueous solutions achievable with a wide range of surfactants and surfactant blends. In addition to the increase in the solubility of surfactants, Lansurf P4 can also provide additional beneficial characteristics in several applications.

Although Lansurf P4 has a too low molecular weight to have significant surface activity when used alone when used in combination with other surfactants, it can increase the penetration of the surfactant solutions providing benefits including:

  • Highly efficient removal of vegetable and mineral oils from solids surfaces by enhanced penetration at the oil-solid interface. This characteristic makes Lansurf P4 a helpful addition to products that find uses in textile scouring agents, heavy-duty laundry detergents and aqueous degreasers.

  • Faster wetting of tightly packed textiles and into porous surfaces due to an increased rate of penetration to help make Lansurf P4 a suitable additive in diverse the following application areas, textile piece/package dyeing, wallpaper strippers, water-based damp-proofing fluids.

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