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Lansperse UV93

Product Category: Coatings Additives

Hyperdispersant - UV Systems

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Dispersing agents are used extensively in the UV coatings industry to help disperse solid particles into the UV medium, either UV monomers or oligomers.

Dispersing agents perform by anchoring the surfactant onto the particle substrate and then acting as a barrier to stop the re-agglomeration of the particles. This concept is often referred to as steric stabilisation. The new hyperdispersant has three functions. Firstly, a powerful amine anchoring group that latches onto the pigment surface, secondly a tail section that is compatible with the UV medium and thirdly a capping group that further enhances steric hindrance between pigment particles.

Modifications to raw materials give a product with improved fluidity.

Key Features

  • 100%  liquid dispersant

  • High colour strength

  • High pigment loading

  • Fast particle size reduction

  • Powerful dispersing properties

  • Improved jetness in carbon blacks

  • High gloss coatings


  • UV printing inks

  • UV wood coatings

  • High solids industrial coatings


Appearance at 25°C

Dark amber liquid

Colour gardner

15 max

Solids content

≈ 100

Typical Properties


Modified Hyperdispersant

Specific gravity at 20°C 




Pour point °C



Highly viscous

Flash point closed cup °C


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