Lanphos PS10

Product Category: Anionics

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A powerful emulsifier that can be used across a wide range of polymer systems and more importantly is used as a primary emulsifier without the need for a secondary surfactant to stabilise the system. As a versatile emulsifier, this is the first choice for any formulator. As well as providing extremely small particle sizes it has an in-built stabiliser system to prevent re-agglomeration of polymer particles.


Key Features

  • Powerful primary emulsifier

  • In-built stabilisation of polymer emulsion - excellent stability

  • No requirement for highly ethoxylated nonionic stabiliser

  • Can be used across the range of the most common polymer systems

  • APE free

  • VOC free

Typical Properties




Tridecanol ethoxy phosphate - K salt



Surface tension

36.7 mN/m