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Powder Laundry Detergents

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

An overview of how to make powder laundry detergents for machine wash

Laundry detergent powders remain the dominant laundry form in most markets across the world.

Various formulations have been developed over the years. The following is an example of a commonly used system for washing a wide range of fabrics in automatic horizontal axis washing machines.

Economy detergent powder:

% weight

Kemsurf SX85


Lansurf AEP63


Sodium sulfate (sulphate)


Sodium percarbonate


Sodium carbonate






Enzymes, perfume and optical brighteners

as required

Method of manufacture:

1. Add all powder components to a powder blender (Lansurf AEP63 is liquid).

2. Slowly add or spray the Lansurf AEP63 and perfume onto the powder blend with further agitation. The two can be pre-mixed if so desired.

3. Add the enzyme and optical brightener if required.

Note; Choose the grade of each raw material with care e.g. granular raw materials are likely to cause less dust hazard. Also, the final density of the powder, can be altered by using powders compared to granules.

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