Phosphate Esters - An Overview

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The different characteristics of Mono Ester vs Diester phosphate esters

Lankem is one of the leading manufacturers of phosphate ester surfactants. To help support this business further we have made a big investment in both our manufacturing and laboratory facilities. The new production facility allows for full control in order to produce products of the highest quality. We produce two types; one based on phosphorous pentoxide and the other based on tetraphosphoric acid which in combination with a selection of the differing starting material allows for the manufacture of products with a broad range of surfactant types and properties.

Phosphorous pentoxide gives a product with both monoester and diester phosphates, whilst the tetraphosphorice based products give predominately monoester.

The table below highlights the differences observed when comparing monoester content against diester content. Manipulation of the ratio can help you provide a product that offers multiple properties.

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