Metal Degreaser

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

A recommendation for water soluble metal degreasers

The use of the surfactant components in the following formulation assists in the removal and emulsification of grease from metallic surfaces.

Method of manufacture:

1. Add the Sodium Metasilicate and Tetrasodium EDTA to the water charge with stirring 2. Then add the Lansurf AE105 and Lanphos TEP4K and stir until fully homogeneous

Featured Products: Lansurf AE105, Lanphos TEP4K

Lansurf AE105-SDS-EN
PDF • 146KB

Lansurf AE105-TDS-EN
PDF • 157KB

Lanphos TEP4K-SDS-EN
PDF • 191KB

Lanphos TEP4K-TDS-EN
PDF • 152KB

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