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Industrial Oven Cleaner

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The formulation guide

One of the main requirements of oven cleaners is their need to reach and maintain contact with the soiled surface. The main soil in oven cleaning is the baked-on grease and food residues on the oven surfaces. These are not easy to clean and usually require long contact time with the cleaning product.

The inclusion of sodium hydroxide and sodium metasilicate provides the alkalinity to breakdown the grease and oily soils from such as grill pans, ovens and oven trays.

The following is a typical formulation:


Amphokem CADP


Kemsurf ESD


Lansurf P4


Sodium Hydroxide (50%)




Method of manufacture:

1. Add the water and Sodium Hydroxide and stir

2. Then add all other components whilst mixing

Featured Products: Amphokem CADP, Kemsurf ESD, Lansurf P4

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