Emulsifiable Concentrates - Deltamethrin

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

How to produce a good stable EC2.5% Deltamethrin

Deltamethrin is a commonly used potent insecticide, effective by contact and ingestion against a wide range of pests when used for crop protection.

Lankem has developed two balanced pair emulsifiers, Agrosurf BPE148 and Agrosurf BPE211. Balanced pair emulsifiers are used to obtain the optimum HLB for an agrochemical solvent and active blend. The addition of actives can alter the HLB of the commonly used agrochemical solvents, so work has been carried out in the laboratory to pinpoint the exact ratios of the balance pair emulsifiers. A series of different ratios and concentration of the emulsifiers are used and then emulsion stability over 30 days is measured using a turbiscan. Any minor differences in the ratios can seriously alter the emulsion stability and properties.

Xylene System - A relatively old solvent but still being used extensively around the world as a cheap option.

Solvesso 100 or Shellsol A

Solvesso 150

All formulations easily emulsify on contact with water and show great stability over 30 days.

Featured Products: Agrosurf BPE211, Agrosurf BPE148

Agrosurf BPE211-TDS-EN
Download PDF • 313KB

Agrosurf BPE211-SDS-EN
Download PDF • 183KB

Agrosurf BPE148-SDS-EN
Download PDF • 202KB

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