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Bio-based surfactant for machine dishwash applications

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

To have an option of using a liquid detergent that is bio-based is very attractive to the formulator of dishwash formulators. Not only is BioLoop 56L bio-based but it also has no hazards, and therefore no negative corrosive and warning labels will be passed onto the final product. The main criteria for dishwasher detergents are good detergency that aids the removal of the food and oils from the plate and good low foam properties.

Low foam Analysis

A comparison of the degree of foaming and the speed of collapse after 30 seconds of aeration.

Formulations using BioLoop 56L as a bio-based detergent:

Power and Liquid Tablet Type

Per 100g

Sodium Carbonate


Sodium Carbonate peroxide


BioLoop 56L


Power and Liquid Tablet Type (not including polymer from the pod)

Per 16g

Sodium Carbonate


Sodium Carbonate peroxide


BioLoop 56L


Note: As with synthetic surfactants its important to keep the BioLoop 56L separate from the powder within the water-soluble polymer capsule, to prevent destabilisation. This will help improve long term storage stability.

Machine dishwash detergency test - ASTM D3556

The above formulation was prepared and compared against the leading brand of dishwasher all-in-one solid/liquid pods. The BioLoop 56L replaced a conventional synthetic liquid detergent component (such as Trideceth-n Lansurf AE37). No difference in performance was observed when comparing against the leading brand.

Below depicts the cleaning performance on glass tumblers, both have the same excellent performance.

Featured Product: BioLoop 56L

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