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Lansperse SPA

Product Category: Coatings Additives

Conventional Dispersing Agent for Aqueous Systems

A Sodium Polyacrylate that has been developed to give a product of a specific molecular weight that offers optimum dispersing properties for a wide range of inorganic powders such as Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate and Talc.


Appearance at 25°C

Clear to hazy liquid free from foreign matter

pH (neat)

6.5 - 8.5

Solid content

42.0 - 46.0

Typical Properties


Sodium poly acrylate

Specific gravity at 20°C 


Flash point closed cup °C




Solubility in water


Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Pour point °C


Lansperse SPA is an APE and VOC free dispersing agent for aqueous pigment dispersions. Lansperse SPA is particularly recommended for the dispersion of Titanium Dioxide. With the use of Kemectant EB3 and Lansperse DS200W pigment loadings of up to 70% can be achieved.

Recommended levels based on pigment level:

Inorganic Pigments           1 - 4%



Incorporate the dispersing agents into the aqueous binder during high-speed dispersion before the addition of the pigments. For higher than 30% pigment loadings this mill base must then be processed through high energy dispersion techniques such as bead mills, basket mills and three roller mills. 

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