Lansperse DS80

Product Category: Coatings Additives

Conventional Dispersing Agent for Aqueous Systems

A powerful primary dispersing agent that offers both good wetting and steric hindrance to prevents re-agglomeration of pigments and inorganic solids. Lansperse DS80 can be used across a wide range of different pigment types and is sometimes used in conjunction with the anionic, Lansperse DS200W.

Key Features

  • Powerful dispersing agent for aqueous systems

  • Long track record of excellent performance

  • APE free

  • VOC free

Formulation Guide

Yellow 3

Yellow 110

Red 112

Violet 23

Black 7

Yellow 13

Orange 13

Red 122

Green 7

Yellow 74

Orange 73

Red 146

Blue 15

Yellow 83

Red 5

Red 254

Blue 15.3