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Lansperse DIS145

Dispersing Agents for Paper

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Powder-based dispersing agent for aqueous based pigments and fillers and powder blends. For carbon black, zinc oxides and dyes.

Recommended levels based on pigment level -

Inorganic Pigments: 1 - 5%

Incorporate the dispersing agents into the aqueous binder during high speed dispersion before the addition of the pigments. For higher than 30% pigment loadings this mill base must then be processed through high energy dispersion techniques such as beadmills, basket mills and three roller mills.


Appearance at 25°C

Light brown powder

pH (5% aqueous)

6.0 - 8.0

Sodium sulphate content %

5.0 max

Typical Properties


Sodium naphthalene sulphonate formaldehyde condensate

Solubility in water




Melting point °C


Bulk density 20°C (g/cm3)


Flash point open cup °C


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