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Lansperse BIO691

Product Category: Coatings Additives

BioLoop dispersing agent for both aqueous and solvent systems

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Lansperse BIO691 is part of our new range of powerful dispersing agents containing components that are from renewable sources. Unlike many biobased surfactants, this product offers excellent wetting and dispersing properties for a wide range of inorganic and organic pigments and powders. One of the main characteristics that makes them different from conventional dispersing agents is how they can attach to a particle substrate. Conventional dispersing agents tend to be linear in structure and attach to one hydrophobe group. The BioLoops are different as they have two hydrophobes that attach to a particle substrate which makes it twice as effective as a conventional dispersing. This particular product is unique because of it's ability to disperse particles in aqueous and solvent-based mediums.


An aqueous dispersion manufactured using Lansperse BIO691 can be incorporated in solvent and aqueous-based paints without detriment to performance. This property is suitable for universal tinters and useful for formulators that want a multi-functional dispersing agent.


  • Aqueous dispersions for inorganic and organic powders and pigments

  • Dispersing agent for aqueous and solvent paint​


  • Solvent dispersions


  • Universal tinting systems

Key Features

  • Based on BioLoop technology

  • From bio-renewable sources

  • Powerful dispersing properties

  • No flocculation

  • VOC free

  • Fast particle size reduction

  • Biodegradeable

  • Low ecotoxicity

  • No irritancy


Appearance at 25°C

Light amber liquid

pH (5% aqueous)

5.0 - 8.0

Colour gardner

5 max

Cloud point °C (5g in 45g (BDG/water)

52 - 60

Typical Properties


BioLoop surfactant

Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Flash point closed cup °C




Specific gravity at 20°C 


Surface tension 0.1% (mN/m)


Solids content %


Pour point 20°C


Radio Carbon Dating

Percent modern carbon (pMC): 98.4%

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