Lanphos PET22

Product Category: Anionics

Polyaryl Ethoxy Phosphate Ester - Triethanolamine Salt

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Lanphos PET22 is a phosphate ester manufactured using phosphorous pentoxide to give a product that contains both mono and di-esters. The main advantage of a phosphate ester over a conventional anionic is it’s excellent stability in high concentration of acid, alkali and electrolyte.


This product offers good wetting and dispersion properties for pigments and agrochemicals when used alone and in combination with nonionic surfactants.


Appearance at 25°C

Clear to slightly hazy yellow liquid

pH (1% aqueous)

6.0 - 8.0

Free nonionic value %

45.0 - 55.0

Colour (10% in methanol) hazen

70 max

Typical Properties




4500 cp

Wetting draves 0.5g/l