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Agrosurf WP35

Product Category: Agrochemicals

Powerful Wetting Agent

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Agrosurf WP35 is a formulated nonionic system that has been designed to offer the optimum wetting characteristics for a range of agrochemical applications.
Due to its nonionic nature its compatible with anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants.

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Application examples

Soil and turf wetting

Healthy lawns and soils rely heavily on good moisture levels throughout the layers, so anything that prevents water penetration to the lower layers can be detrimental. Some lawns and soils can become hard and dry during prolonged hot and dry conditions and will eventually stop water penetrating to the lower levels. The use of Agrosurf WP35 will help to improve water penetration to the roots and lower levels. It will help to change the balance of the substrate by making it more hydrophilic, which will allow water to penetrate through the upper layers.


Dew suppression

Suppression of dew is particularly important for golf courses as it helps in two ways. Firstly this practice is used to help improve the playing conditions, but secondly, it’s also important from a disease management perspective. Removing dew appears to be a more cost-effective disease management control rather than increasing the mowing frequency.

Additive for water-dispersible granules and wettable powders

The addition of Agrosurf WP35 at small amounts within a powder system can help to increase the wetting performance.

Timber treatment

It’s important to have a good wetting agent to aid the penetration of the fungicides and biocides into the wood.


The wetting performance was measured by comparing the time it takes for a known weight of dried turf and soil to drop in a test solution.


A comparison of the wetting performance of Agrosurf WP35 against just water.


Appearance at 25°C

Clear liquid

Colour - hazen

50 max

Cloud point (1% aqueous)

52.0 - 60.0

Solids content %

82.0 - 85.0

pH (5% aqueous)

5.0 - 8.0

Typical Properties


Nonionic blend

Viscosity at 25°C (cP)


Pour point °C


EPA Status

910, 930, 930

Specific gravity at 20°C


Flash point °C - open cup




Solubility in water


Surface tension 0.1% (mN/m)


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