Additives for Tinting Formulations

Comparison of Lankem dispersants vs a leading competitor in the production of aqueous tinters

A comparison was made using Pigment Red 122 quinacridone magenta at 25% pigment, the tinters were dispersed on a laboratory bead mill for 60mins, the only difference to the formulation is the dispersants. The pigment content, processing time and conditions were identical, as the drawdown shows the Lankem product gives increased strength, better gloss and zero flocculation over the competitive product.


Trials have been carried out on several high surface area pigments giving similar results showing, increased strength, better gloss and zero flocculation.

Method of Manufacture

  • High speed stir all liquids add pigment HSS for 30 mins

  • Leave to wet for 30 mins HSS for 2 mins

  • Bead mill until fully dispersed



Additives for Tinting Formulations.JPEG

A comparison of colour strength in a tinting formulation