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Suspension Concentrates

Suspension concentrates (SC) formulations require effective dispersion which that readily disperses when diluted into the spray tank, Lankem offers a range of dispersants that provide an effective dispersion of the active ingredient with minimal sedimentation or weeping of the SC on prolonged storage.

Suspension Concentrates

Lanphos PET22

Polyaryl Ethoxy Phosphate Ester - Triethanolamine Salt

Lanphos PE35

C13 Alcohol + 5EO Phosphate Ester - Acid Form

Lansperse DIS145

Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensate

Agrosurf NEC15T

Poly Aryl Ethoxylate

Lanwet JH1

Anionic Wetting Agent

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