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BioLoop Surfactants for Glass Cleaning

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The BioLoop surfactants are new chemistries and are the very latest technologies available to formulators that require green chemistry. Along with excellent low hazards and eco-profiling these products should be the very first choice for all new cleaning formulations.

For a surfactant to effectively wet a substrate the contact angle needs to be extremely low and to function very quickly.

The following depicts the contact angle on glass of BioLoop 84L compared against deionised water.


The above results indicate that BioLoop 84L is a fantastic substrate wetter on glass.

The typical glass cleaning formulation:

The following is a spray glass cleaning formulation. This formulation gives a product with effective glass wetting and detergency with low to medium foam generation. This system was compared to one of the leading brands and was found to have superior performance. BioLoop 84L is the only realistic bio-based product available in the marketplace that has sufficient wetting power on glass and can compete against synthetic counter-types.

Bioloop 84L


Mono Ethylene Glycol




Sodium Carbonate




Although Bioloop 84L is 100% bio-based, the other components (in particular the solvents) do not have the bio-based credentials. Lankem is presently evaluating a range of bio-based solvents that can be used in conjunction with our BioLoop surfactants.

Products to try: Bioloop 84L

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