Lanphos PE107

Product Category: Anionics

Lanphos PE107 is a phosphate ester specifically developed to provide excellent stability in high alkali and electrolyte systems, providing excellent detergency wetting and corrosion inhibition. Lanphos PE107 can also be used to couple nonionic surfactants into liquid alkali detergents.  


Key Features

  • Highly stable in highly alkali systems

  • High tolerance / solubility in high electrolyte solutions

  • High capacity to solubilize nonionic surfactants into alkali/electrolyte solutions

  • Excellent wetting, particularly in high alkalinity / electrolyte solutions

  • Effective corrosion inhibitor


Lanphos PE107 has been specially developed to provide a high level of solubility in high alkalinity/electrolyte formulation used in a broad range of Industrial and Institutional cleaning, metal cleaning textile applications etc. Lanphos PE107 can also be used to impart corrosion inhibition in many applications including, metal working, oil field etc.


Lanphos PE107 finds application in a wide range of applications including: 

  • Metal cleaning 

  • Textile wetting 

  • Oilfield corrosion inhibitor formulations 

  • Highly built Industrial and Institutional cleaning formulations 


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