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Durante muchos años hemos estado explorando el concepto de ingeniería de nuevos tensioactivos utilizando nuevas tecnologías de base biológica. Los productos sostenibles de fuentes renovables existen desde hace muchos años, pero la mayoría tienen una funcionalidad muy limitada en términos de rendimiento en comparación con los contratipos sintéticos. Nuestro cometido era desarrollar una gama de productos de base biológica que ofrezcan un rendimiento comparable al de los productos sintéticos en una amplia gama de aplicaciones.

Lets Go Green
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Sean Hodgkinson

Sales Director

Sean is the Sales Director of Lankem with over 35 years of experience within the chemical industry. Trained as a chemist, which latterly became more commercial, but has never lost the passion for developing new products and chemistries. Looking forward to chatting at ECS, we have some exciting new products to offer the coatings industry. 


Dr Andrew Richards

Technical Consultant

Dr Andrew Richards has over 35 years of experience in the coatings industry. During most of this time he has been involved with the UV/EB side of coatings/inks. He has been involved with all aspects of this industry. His role for Lankem is a Technical Consultant, where he specialises in helping to develop novel products for the coatings market.


Jessica Wieland

Sales & Marketing Manager

Jessica has been with Lankem for 13 years, now managing our marketing department and is also the primary contact for enquiries from North America.


John Adamson

Technical Consultant

John is an Industrial Chemist with over 40 years of experience in the surfactant industry, working on the development and application of surfactant products for a wide range of industrial applications, including emulsion polymerisation, resin emulsification, pigment dispersion, wetting, foaming, defoaming, lubricants and many other applications.  


Lewis Turner

Technical Services Manager

Lewis has been with Lankem for 12 years, working in several different departments. He now manages the Technical Department, in particular the laboratory activities, Quality Control, Product Regulations, and management of the ISO 9001 & 14001 Certifications. Lewis is also the designated Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

Pre-book a meeting with our team here: 

What's new for the show

Lanphos PS10 and Lanphos PS6-25A are the next generation of emulsifiers for styrene butyl acrylate systems. Unlike conventional emulsifier systems that require both an anionic emulsifier acting as the primary emulsifier and a nonionic surfactant to boost the stability, these products can be used on their own due to the high level of emulsion stability achieved. This is mainly down to the low particle size achieved during production.

We will introduce some new powerful hyperdispersants aimed at both solvent / UV-cured systems. For Aqueous formulations, we will showcase our range of fully biobased dispersing agents.


More information coming soon.

Defoamers are essential for good foam control. We have two products that are based on non-silicone technology.

Dfoam AX1 - a conventional mineral oil defoamer.

Dfoam AR2 - as above but contains additional hydrophobic particles.

The world is changing

Biobased Dispersing Agents

We have developed a range of bio-based surfactants using our newly patented BioLoop technology, in which the molecule has two hydrophobes, based on either soya or rapeseed, that are then connected with a hydrophilic loop originating from molasses. The two hydrophobes help to achieve maximum bonding and spacing on the particle surface to deliver superior stability and dispersing properties.

Key Features

  • Based on BioLoop technology

  • Renewable carbon index > 98%

  • Ultra-mild

  • No skin or eye irritancy

  • Low ecotoxicity

  • Biodegradable

  • A green alternative to                conventional dispersing agents

Soyabean Variants

Soyabean is from a sustainable crop and is readily available. These dispersing agents can be used in a wide range of aqueous dispersion. Lansperse BIO691 is soluble in solvent and aqueous and can be used in universal tinting formulations. Both Lansperse BIO801 and Lansperse BIO868 are dispersing agents for aqueous systems.

Lansperse BIO691

Lansperse BIO801

Lansperse BIO868

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Rapeseed Variants

Rapeseed is a good sustainable crop with no environmental concerns. This range of products will be specifically ideal for dispersions in the cosmetics and personal care industries.

Lansperse RPS11

Lansperse RPS25

Lansperse RPS43

Rapeseed plant.jpg
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