Emulsification is an important function during the production of many oilfield products. Whether it's drilling fluids or enabling the dispersion of water-insoluble materials into aqueous systems.


The emulsifiers offered by Lankem can be used to formulate stable emulsions for use in a broad range of application. These products are based on phosphate esters, imidazolines, alkanolamides, fatty acid esters and their ethoxylates, sulfosuccinates, alkyl ether sulfates alkyl benzene sulfonates and ethylene oxide/propylene oxide copolymers.

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Kemsurf CA

Kemsurf PWS

Kemsurf ESD

Kemsurf EM9

Kemsurf OT60

Kemsurf OT70G

Lanphos PA8

Lanphos PE35

Lanphos PE310

Lansurf AE33

Lansurf AE35

Lansurf AE37

Lansurf AE310W

Lansurf CDE

Lansurf CDE-G

Lansurf CO12

Lansurf CO40

Lansurf DPE253

Lansurf DPE808

Lansurf SMO

Lansurf STO

Lansurf SMO80

Lansurf SMO81

Lansurf STO85

Lansurf TA15

Lanspec OC100

Lanspec OC200