The Chemical Industry Fantasy Football League 

The Winners

1st Place

Team: Jessecco

Manager: Jessica Wieland

Total Points: 2847

2nd Place

Team: Chicago Soccer Corp

Manager: Howard Bellerby

Total Points: 2379

3rd Place

Team: Eleven Stars FC

Manager: Ricky Hurst

Total Points: 2338

Manager of the Month


Team: No Totti No Party

Manager: Michael Edson


Team: Pukki Blinders

Manager: Danny Harwood


Team: Pele Lakers

Manager: Stephen Robinson


Team: Philly10

Manager: Phillip Foster


Team: CGFC

Manager: Carl Gingell


Team: Jessecco

Manager: Jessica Wieland


Team: Fee Fi Phil Foden
Manager: George Gavin


Team: Callum Fry

Manager: Delph and Safety


Team: Harboro Hackers v2
Manager: John Taylor

2018/19 Winners!

1st Place

Team - Shaw Mee the Mané

Manager - Ivan Maslenikov

Total Points - 2383

2nd Place

Team - Feed the Camel

Manager - Richard Brown

Total Points - 2324

3rd Place

Team - Steady as we Go

Manager - Paul Stead

Total Points - 2319

Managers of the Month

August - George Gavin

September - Patricia Andrade

October - Richard Brown

November - Edmund Beese 

December - Paul Coleman


January - Daryl Hubbard & Jason Trickett

February - Alex Short

March - Phillip Foster

April - Richard Brown

May - Rachael Singer

2017/18 Winners!

1st Place

Team - Ivan4eg

Manager - Ivan Maslenikov

Total Points - 2271

2nd Place

Team - MurderOnZidanesFloor

Manager - Jake Phillips 

Total Points - 2237

3rd Place

Team - The Tricksters 

Manager - Jason Trickett 

Total Points - 2229

Managers of the Month

August  - Stuart Price

September - Joel Stead

October - Ben 

November - Martin Brownsworld

December - Anthony Kershaw


January - Josh Town

February - Jake Phillips

March - Tom Smith

April - Jason Trickett

May - Ivan Maslenikov

2016/17 Winners!

1st Place

Team - Real Sosobad 

Manager - Ash Kenna

Total Points - 2302

2nd Place

Team - Healthy Parrrotts

Manager - Jim Bury 

Total Points - 2241

3rd Place

Team - 'ere we go again

Manager - Steven Marks

Total Points - 2183

Managers of the Month

August  - Wayne Brooder

September - Pritesh Chauhan

October - Carlo Familio 

November - John Cunningham

December - Ash Kenna

January - Niall Hodgkinson

February - Leigh Cole

March - Steven Marks

April - Rhys Fostert

May - Manny Taylor


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