Additives for the Coatings Industry

Lankem offer a wide range of specialty additives for the Coatings Industry. Over the years we have developed a range of dispersing agents for both inorganic and organic pigment types for use in aqueous, solvent and UV systems.


Our coating additives find application in:

  • Pigment dispersions

  • Paint formulations

  • Inks

  • Wood coatings

  • Pigmented plastics


The New BioLoop Dispersants Overview 


Dispersing Agents for Aqueous Systems

Solvent Crop

Dispersing Agents for Solvent Systems

UV Crop

Dispersing Agents for UV Systems

Paint Brush.jpg

Additives for Tinting Formulations


Pigmented Plastics

Paper Crop

Dispersing Agents for Papers


Antifoams - Defoamer

Wood Coatings Crop

Wetting Agent


Dispersing Agents for Inorganic Powders

Paint Pots.jpg

Universal Tinters